At last…

This study has brought me to the following conclusions:
* I MUST integrate technology into my classroom literacy plan to prepare my students for their futures.
* This can be done in a way that is balanced and developmentally appropriate for my first grade friends.
* There are many resources available as I step into this journey.
* Technology should not be incorporated into a class just because it is there. Technology should have a purpose that supports what is being learned.

I am somewhat eager to get back to school to begin this journey and test  the knowledge I have acquired. I think my changed attitude will speak volumes as I plan and collaborate with my teammates. I will share with my teammates the sites I have found along with the knowledge I have gained through this study. I want to incorporate tech. support into more of my lessons; for instance, introducing a phonics skill game to practice a particular skill and then avail it to the students for independent practice. I want to add a printer to my computer center so students can print out their work there. I want to integrate technology into the writing process. I want to visit the computer lab occasionally and work through some technology lessons with my students so we are building the new literacies of our day. I want to confidently provide a healthy balance between the traditional and new ways of literacy instruction.

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  1. Joni – I am also eager to get back and share the information I have learned with my students and colleagues. This class has really given us a lot of great ideas!

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